Professional Global Solutions

3PHE Strategic Consulting Services offers creative solutions to help global companies across industries develop and execute winning strategies. 

At this time, strategy is more important than ever and we bring capabilities, tools, technologies and talent to each project from specialized experience. 

We will help you achieve your goals professionally and cost-effectively.

Consulting services, consultancy and implementation projects for firms in all countries, research and rankings to find the best track record in your industry or area of service.


Strategic Consulting Services

  • Management Consulting 
  • HR Consulting 
  • Training Consulting

Our Team

3PHE is formed by a specialized team of professionals highly qualified who guarantee the best service and attention to all our clients. 

Training is an essential factor in the company’s strategy, as training professionals provides a differential value to the company. 

We support labour integration, diversity and equal opportunities.

We take care of health and safety at work, as, in addition to being part of the commitments that we have with our employees, we also believe that it represents a competitive advantage.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Because we care about nature and people, BOB "Baby On Board" as CSR of 3PHE strategic Consulting Services. 

Our CSR is present in several missions of Humanitarian Aid and Protection of Wildlife and Flora (Ukraine, Spain, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, South Africa, etc...).

International Projects

Training Consulting for multinational Energy and Petrochemical Company.

Strategic Consulting, HR and Training Support for Humanitarian Aid International Project in Spain, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Colombia.

Strategic Consulting, Training and Support for TV Companies, Social Media and Freelance Journalists in HRA.

HR and Training Consulting for a International Maritime Security Company.

Management Consulting and Training for international Wildlife Project (PIVAPU).

Management Consulting and Training for European Medical Tactical Combat Association.

Training Consulting for an African Anti-poaching organization.

Management, Training and HR Consulting for international Security and Safety entity.

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