Partnership Projects

Contributing to causes of real international social impact.

Every day, 3PHE Strategic Consulting Services continue to look for social action projects.


We are at the International Social Service

BOB "Baby On Board" Project 

3PHE collaborates with the BOB "Baby On Board" Project 3PHE in Ukraine, Spain, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Colombia.

PIVAPU Project

3PHE collaborate in the PIVAPU Project, an international protection and conservation wildlife project.


3PHE collaborates with PROAVEPA, a Spanish Army Paratrooper Veterans Association.

Only the ONG Marketplace Stamp makes the difference!

Everything in ONG Marketplace are "Solidarity Products" of different International Projects:

  • BOB "Baby On Board", International Humanitarian Aid Project.
  • PIVAPU, Wildlife Protection Project.
  • PROAVEPA, Military Veterans Project. 

You can help more people by shopping at ONG Marketplace!

Help in action! 

Together, we join forces to help others!



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